Dandylions, LLC

Hands Feet and Tail are preferably spot clean only. 

After each use with your hands and feet, spray your antimicrobial spray inside each piece and let them air dry. Finish them off with some Wash Your Paws scented spray as found in your care bag to keep it smelling nice! 

If your hands, feet, or tail are dirty enough they warrant a deep clean, put them in a pillow case, wash them alongside your bodysuit, or by themselves in the washing machine on delicate / gentle cycle, cold water only, with Woolite for Dark Colors. Air dry in front of a fan.

Store them in a clean dry place, preferably on a shelf next to your head in open air, not in a tub. Place dryer sheets in the hands and feet to keep them smelling fresh! 

Brushing: Spot brush these pieces just before use with a slicker brush. 

Bodysuit: After each use of your bodysuit, turn it inside out and spray your hotspots (Crotch, armpits, wherever else) with anti microbial spray and let air dry near a fan. Finish it off with some Wash Your Paws scent to keep it smelling great!

After a con or event, when it's time to put away your body for a while, be sure to machine wash it by turning it inside out, zipping it up, placing it in a washing machine on delicate / gentle cycle, cold water only, using Woolite for Dark Colors.

Once the machine wash is complete, turn your suit right side out and air dry it near a fan with plenty ventilation. Brush every now and again with a wide bristle human hair brush as to not damage the fur. 

​Store on a hanger in your closet. 

Piece by Piece

Head: Your head should be spot clean only. After each use please spray an antimicrobial spray, such as Clean Smart in your care package, inside of your head, saturating your liner. Avoid spraying on your eye mesh. Air dry on a fan.

If your head has dirt or a stain on the fur, take a 1:10 solution of Woolite : Water and use a papertowel or sponge to saturate the area and gently dab. Take care over airbrushing. Your airbrushing is heat sealed and should not fade, however, don't overly stress airbrushed areas if you can help it.

You should store your head in open air on a shelf. Place dryer sheets inside the head to keep it fresh in between uses. 

Finally, we will supply you with the appropriate tools for any small repairs that may happen during the life of your fursuit. These are the tools we use ourselves so we trust we can walk you through any minor repair without having to go through the hassle of shipping back and forth. You will receive a curved needle, some lightweight upholstery thread, and a multi temp glue gun! 

What's in your Care Bag?

Care for your Fursuit!

Included in your care package is a balaclava by Matrices! Check out her other fursuit accessories and parts! 

Also included is some Fursuit body spray from Wash Your Paws!

Every suit created by Dandylions, LLC comes with a unique care package in a handy amenity bag that includes everything you will need to care for your suit! (Minus the laundry detergent used to machine wash)

Each item in your care package is just a suggestion to use and we will discuss various alternatives below! 

Next in your care bag is an antimicrobial spray by CleanSmart. Use this spray in your bodysuit, head, hands, even feet to kill bacteria and mold before it becomes a problem! Use this spray in-between machine washing.

You will also receive a slicker brush to care for your suit. Use this brush sparingly as you will see your suit shed. Faux fur does not grow back! Use this brush after machine washing and air drying. Use this brush before events.