Q: What is your average price for a project?

A: Depending upon the project!

  • Full suits start at USD $2400.
  • Partials that include Head, Tail, Feet, and Hands start at USD $1500.
  • Head only projects start at USD $800.
  • Parts will be per request.

Prices are base. Additional cost will be added for any extra options such as resin bases. complex markings,  Digitigrade leg padding. Etc.

Shipping is not included in base price.We ship internationally.

Q: What is the average wait time?

A: We take projects  every 4 months of the year. Your project will be done within that 4 months of project acceptance barring any delays. Examples of delay: a late arriving ducttape dummy or backordered fur. 

Q: When do you usually open for commissions?

A: We open for quotes at the beginning of the calendar year. We will open every 4 months within the year. We take 2.5 full suits worth of work in any given month. Smaller projects may be added in depending on the schedule. We open for commissions in January but never schedule commissions for the month of December, that is our month to do as we like!

Q: What is required to secure a commission slot?

A: We require a 30% Non-Refundable deposit to secure a commission slot. We also require you have a reference sheet, or have agreed to purchase a reference sheet from us. Regular art may or may not qualify as a reference. If you link us art, we will let you know if it is appropriate or not. We may agree to artistic freedom projects at our discretion.

Q: I submitted a form on your website for a fursuit quote. How long will I have to wait for a response?

A: We generally take no longer than one week to reply to any submission or email. We have noticed if you use a HOTMAIL email address, our emails may go into your spam folder.

Q: I want to commission from you but I do not have a reference sheet! What do I do?

A: We have in house artists you can commission for a reference sheet, simply email us for information or check out our artists pages: 




Q: Do you ever offer artistic liberty commissions?

A: Yes! We allow an artistic freedom suits, where we do not require a reference sheet and ask a few small questions about species and color. However, the design and style is completely left to us! Artistic Liberty discount is currently 5%.

Q: Is a ducttape dummy required for projects?

A: For simple body shapes such as planti-grade and digitigrade leg suits we do not require a ducttape dummy. If you are requesting a full body padding suit such as muscles or breast/bum, we may request a DTD from you.

Q: How to I take care of and clean my fursuit after I receive it!

A: With your fursuit you will receive a handy care bag with all the tools necesary to spot clean, deodorize, repair, and brush your fursuit! We also have a care guide on this website! Finally, if you absolutely need an answer to something, email us at info@dandylionsllc.com 

Q: Is there a warranty against faulty parts and/or breakage?

A: Yes! Please read our Terms of Service thoroughly.

Q: What is the communication process like during a project?

A: We strive to keep the client involved in every aspect of the project for critique and suggestions. Our primary communication is via email, though sometimes with prior scheduling we do use Skype video and IM. We do not have a set schedule as to when we send out  "progress shot" emails, it is more of when we complete a certain portion of the project. We will also send out a week ending report of what was done that week!

Frequently Asked Questions

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