To be considered for a commission slot at Dandylions, LLC there are a few requirements to meet before being accepted.

By accepting a commission slot from Dandylions, LLC you are declaring you have read, understand, and agree to the entire Terms of Service of Dandylions, LLC.

You must be 18 years of age or older to request a commission from Dandylions, LLC. We have no problems working with the parent of a minor.

When commissioning a suit, we will try our best to accommodate client-specified  deadlines, but no hard deadlines will be promised due to the nature of suit making. 

When Dandylions, LLC is open for commissions, an applicant will be required to submit reference artwork of the potential project, or agree to purchase a reference sheet from us. Reference artwork should contain at least two angles: Front and Back.

If you do not have a reference sheet, Dandylions, LLC will work closely with you before your agreed upon start date to create one at an additional charge. Dandylions, LLC may accept artistic freedom commissions at their discretion. Certain pieces of art with agreeable poses may also be used as reference; this is also at the discretion of Dandylions, LLC.

Dandylions, LLC may offer artistic freedom projects at their discretion. These projects offer a 5% discount. A client would give Dandylions, LLC a species, and Dandylions would have complete decision making on regards to the look of the project. 

Dandylions, LLC will reply to all applications for projects. You will receive an informational quote and also be informed whether you have been chosen or not. Your informational quote is valid within one calendar year. (ie. until December 31st of the same year) 

Dandylions, LLC chooses their potential clients based on varying criteria. It is not a "first come first serve" project system. We look at materials availability at the current time, as well as project complexity. 

After a design has been agreed upon and commission slot secured, a project design may not be altered or changed. Exceptions up to Dandylions, LLC discretion.

Upon being accepted and agreeing to a proposed quote, there will be a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure a commission slot from Dandylions, LLC. A commission slot will not be confirmed until the 30% non-refundable deposit has been received.

Upon sending a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure a commission slot from Dandylions, LLC, you as the commissioner, are declaring you have read and understood the entire terms of service.

The rest of the balance due will be due no later than one month from commission completion date.

If a project and / or auction payment has been deliquent for a consecutive 1 month with no communication after an attempt from Dandylions, LLC by email, the client will be considered to have abandoned the project / auction item and it will be forfeit. All contractual obligations will be nullified. A commissioned project will be repurposed for auction. An auctioned item will be relisted.

Pre-paying the total cost of your project will place your project near or at the top of our queue at our discretion. The queue is made in the order of which project is closest to payment completion.

The commissioner will not receive their commissioned items until full payment has been received.

If the project payment in full has been delinquent for 4 months after project completion date, the client will be refunded minus the 30% deposit and the project will be re-purposed for auction. This will be at the discretion of Dandylions, LLC.

If the commissioner cannot complete payment, a refund shall be given, minus the 30% deposit.

Refunds: If a refund needs to be given for any reason, the client will be refunded minus the 30% deposit.

If you decide to sell your suit for any reason, please inform us. If your Dandylions, LLC is being sold within the first year, you cannot profit over 50% of the final cost of the project. Example: if you pay $2000 for a project, you cannot sell it for any more than $3000 within the first year. 

Dandylions, LLC offers free repairs and maintenance for normal wear and tear for the first year of owning items purchased from Dandylions, LLC. This includes free return shipping, not including express shipping. Client is responsible for initial shipping costs.

Repairs will be charged a fee, round trip shipping paid by commissioner, regarding damage from misuse and abuse. Dandylions, LLC reserves the right to decide if damage has been inflicted due to misuse and/or abuse.

If the item has been altered in any way without any prior permission from Dandylions, LLC, free repairs and maintenance is void. We are more than happy to work with client altered suits, just inform us beforehand, so we can warn the client of potential damage client may uintentially cause.

Dandylions, LLC is not responsible for any bodily harm as a result from wearing items purchased from Dandylions, LLC. It is the wearer's responsibility to act safely and within their own limits.

If a person has animal allergies to dogs, the person should reconsider commissioning from Dandylions, LLC. Care is taken to keep materials away from household pets, however, materials will inadvertently be exposed to dogs and cats.

By commissioning Dandylions, LLC, you are allowing us to have someone wear the suit for sizing work and to take pictures of the project for gallery and promotional purposes.

-Revised January 2017-

Terms of Service

Dandylions, LLC